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Our Team

Our Team

Meet our team

Keli Thompson Campbell

A graduate of Blaine School of Cosmetology, Keli has over 30 years of experience. She trained with John Dellaria, Irving Rusk and Michael O’Rourke. Keli also worked as an educator for John Dellaria and Michael O’Rourke. As owner and Master Stylist at Keli , she is also the creator of TriMetrix™ Hair Cutting Service, a methodology that allows stylists to create a pattern for creativity and consistency. Her specialties include cutting, color, highlights and styling. Keli enjoys spending time with family and friends. Anyone who has ever had a service, knows her relationships with her clients go far beyond the chair. Leaving a legacy, teaching, mentoring and being a positive role model are core values for Keli.

Isaac Mann

Isaac has been a stylist for over 30 years. His training resume includes the prestigious Vidal Sassoon Academy in London as well as John Dellaria.
Isaac specializes in coloring, custom blending, highlights, color correction and styling. As a Master Stylist, he is always updating his training in New York and LA. His devotion to his clients over the years has allowed him to develop a special bond with each and every one of them. Isaac has a passion for travel and splits his time between Boston and Boca Raton FL. Along with his partner, he generously supports the Cancer Center at Mass General Hospital as well as Look Good Feel Better nationwide. His has been featured in Town and Country Magazine, Allure, The LA Times and Palm Beach Illustrated.

Cynthia Centeio Ramuno

Cynthia has been a stylist for 35 years, specializing in cutting, color, highlights and styling. Cynthia is always eager to please, listens to her clients needs and enjoys creating new looks for people. Shows and classes always inspire and motivate Cynthia professionally and personally. Her positive energy and friendly demeanor are welcoming to all clients. Customer Service is important and Cynthia sets her standards high. When she is not working at the salon, Cynthia enjoys cooking and feeding her family.

Natalie Gennaro Dolliver

Natalie is a Master Stylist with over 30 years of experience in cutting, coloring and highlighting. Natalie is a certified Framesi colorist and loves Olaplex hair treatments. She is always willing to try new techniques, constantly striving for growth and success. To Natalie it is important to have her clients feel like family. She builds long lasting relationships by listening to their needs and wants. When not doing hair, Natalie loves to spend time with her 3 children and the rest of her amazing family, making them laugh as she loves to be the center of attention. She loves her time spent at the gym and cooking for people too. Working at Keli means "the world to her. Natalie has a goal to always learn and be part of the Keli family for a very very long time”.

Jill Marcus

Jill is our Customer relationship Manager, she not only runs the operations at the front end but she has been a licensed cosmetologist for over 25 years. Jill understands the customer ‘s point of view as she has been a client of Keli’s for over 17 years. Jill enjoys interaction with clients and making their experience memorable at Keli. Jill enjoys her free time with her two children, her husband and her dad.

Serena Robinson

For as long as Serena can remember, she has wanted to be a Make-up Artist. Applying make-up is not just a passion; it is a part of her. Serena has over 8 years as a licensed Esthetician and a Pro Certified Make-up Artist. Prior to working at Keli, Serena worked and trained with MAC Professionals, Benefit and Giorgio Armani. Serena loves drastic transformations as well as making clients feel natural with a hint of extra special! She loves to teach and educate her clients the proper way to maintain skin and apply make-up. Whether it’s prom, wedding, tattoo cover-ups and even Halloween make-up, you will love Serena. Her heart reflects all that she does. Serena is currently working by appointment only.

Moe Murphy

Moe is a Master Stylist with over 20 years of experience. Moe is very modest and down to earth. She may not even tell you about being voted “Best of Boston” for blow-drying… but we will! Moe loves creating styles that clients can manage at home. Working at Keli means Moe can help people feel good about themselves, while showcasing her creative skills and developing new ones. When away from the chair and the hair, Moe enjoys spending time with her 2 children and very large family. 

Jenna Ghozayel

Meet Jenna, assistant to the stylists!  Jenna is currently a Cosmetology student.  Jenna assists the stylists and takes care of our Keli valued clients.  Jenna is a great listener and always shows up for work ready to take on the day.  Jenna attends to everyone’s needs all while learning something new!

Jenna loves to make everyone feel as comfortable as she can, she considers herself a great friend who is always reliable.  When Jenna isn’t at the salon, she enjoys painting and creating art, her creativity inside and outside of the salon make Jenna a true artist!  We can’t wait to see what’s next for Jenna!

Aleysha Espinal-Perez

Welcome Aleysha!  Aleysha is currently attending school for Cosmetology and loves every minute of it.  Aleysha is our newest Assistant to the Hair Stylists. Having that gorgeous main of curls is just one of her most beautiful traits, she always brightens everyone’s day with her infectious smile.  Aleysha loves to make curly hair smooth, so smooth that it can look like glass when she is finished. When not at the salon, Aleysha spends time with her family and her church community.  Her goal is to always maintain her faith, keep close to God and to accomplish all her dreams.

Alexa Shibel

We’d like to introduce you to Lexi!  Lexi is our Assistant Customer Relationship Representative and as well as our Hair Stylist Assistant. Lexi is currently a cosmetology student who is discovering, more every day, her passion for the industry!  Lexi gets so excited learning new haircuts, color applications, and styling techniques.  She loves it all! Favorite parts of Lexi’s day include interacting with others and helping in any way she can.  Her warm and bubbly personality make Lexi especially enjoyable to be around.  Lexi aspires to be a busy successful hairstylist and to one day own her own hair salon. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Lexi!

Mission statement

Our mission is to encourage innovation and inspire creativity by professionals committed to delivering exceptional results with the highest standards in customer service.

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